Sayan Chakraborty

The CEO of the Food & Beverage chain, “Where’s The Food”, as well as the author of one of the bestsellers “WTF by Just Happened”, Sayan Chakraborty is a true inspiration to many of us considering his age and expertise.

Mr. Sayan belongs to the city of joy, Kolkata, has pursued Entrepreneurship as a subject, and although being one of the newest entrepreneurs, he has been acknowledged by the King of Indian Industries, Mr. Ratan Tata, beyond this, he also succeeded to own the honourary title of “THE GRAND BULL”.

He has represented himself on The Global Leaders’ Union at the UN, and is also a successful investor, encouraging new start-ups. Apart from being a TEDx speaker, he has been a speaker of Josh Talks and the youngest Times Icon winner as well. His remarkable journey in Entrepreneurship has left a spark in the minds of global young leaders, encouraging them to move forward with positive spirits.