Lipsa Hembram

Shining a light on tribal elegance through fashion, acclaimed designer Lipsa Hembram’s label, Galang Gabaan, gives new life to old cultural textiles. Originally from Odisha’s famous Santal tribe, Lipsa transforms the beautiful patterns of her legacy into high fashion, unveiling brilliant jhal-ah weaves in modern form.

After training at NIFT, her meteoric career first won global praise. Yet Lipsa’s inspiration comes from home, when her mother asked her to refresh their community’s fabrics for today. By taking Santal style’s colourful grace to major runways, Lipsa has showcased India’s living cultures worldwide.

While boosting heritage, she also sustains Santal artisans’ livelihoods. Blending past and future, Lipsa Hembram weaves proud threads connecting history to the present.