Govind Krsna Das

A spiritual influencer and a musical artist, Govind Krsna Das is a preacher of positivity via all forms of art. A devotee of Lord Krishna, he tries to spread positivity and learnings from his spiritual journey so far. Prabhu Govind Krsna Das is an active member of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and the managing director of Hare Krishna Enterprises.

He has delivered many talk shows and events to impart his wisdom to his followers in the most interactive way possible. Prabhu Govind Krsna Das is very active on Instagram and also uses this medium to impart Vedic knowledge and spread enlightenment about teachings of Lord Krishna.


He has also delivered a TEDx talk on “Overcoming fault finding|Secret to a live a happy life” in the past. His  preachings teach how finding peace is not only crucial on the outside but also on the inside and he does so by imparting spiritual education to people with a mix of entertainment, making him one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time!