Abinas Nayak

No matter how easy people think it is, cooking in reality is surely an art and an art so subtly intricate that not many can nail it; and who would therefore think that a Male Engineer could do it? Well, maybe that’s what MasterChef Abinas Nayak likes to do—break the stereotypes! 

Abinas Nayak is MasterChef India Season 6 winner from a small town named Berhampur, Odisha, who used to work as an Engineer until he decided to finally take his love and passion for cooking a step ahead in life via MasterChef India.

Although cooking is technically gender neutral, it is yet often presumed that women in general are better at it but Abinas Nayak not only broke this stereotype once again but also added to the saying that Engineers can do anything and everything!

From being brought up in a small town to working for an IT company to winning the MasterChef India trophy at 27, Abinas Nayak has proven himself to be an amazing example of the fact that age, gender, occupation, etc, are just numbers and words and that our dreams can be achieved irrespective of any of these!